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For just about every episode of this awesome podcast hosted by J. Bailey Burcham, CJ Merriman and Scott Legget, I write an original song based on the playwright or piece they're discussing! It's been an incredible challenge as a song writer and some of my favorite work to date.


I wrote this song about a guy who had feelings for me for YEARS and when I started to have feelings for him, it was too late.

Dawson's Creek: The Musical


The Musical

I wrote this song from the perspective of the character Joey Potter on the WB show Dawson's Creek.

I wrote this song inspired by the character of KATE on the ABC TV Show LOST

"Christina Lee"

Wrote this song about my cousin, Christina who was one of my best friends growing up.



Wrote this song about a man I had strong feelings for and there was a pretty big age difference. We eventually weren't moving at the same speed so things had to end. Amiacably.

Wrote this song about my friend, Selin who was... traveling a lot back in the day. She made a stop at my place in NYC and I kept her there for a while.

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