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Hanging out with Dexter Morgan

"Hello.... Dexter Morgan." - These words, coming from Emmy winner John Lithgow's mouth, sent goosebumps to the arms of every Dexter fan out there.

After those words aired for the first time, as part of one of the greatest seasons in television history, I got to visit the set!

Meeting Michael C. Hall was a trip as he was an unexpected friendly kind of shy. When I'd get the 411 scoop on the casts Josh has worked with, he always had positive things to say about Michael. I wasn't expecting a negative reaction or anything, just not something so... normal. I caught him whistling by service, he smiled and apologized under his breath. I said, "Don't you ever let anyone stop you from whistling"... but it probably came out as "Whistle, stop? No. Go on. Please."

Just so there's no confusion, I don't think that I'm meeting Michael C. Hall in the above picture.

Getting to walk the set of one of your favorite shows is like an odd, out of body experience. You want to soak in every moment because you don't know if you'll ever get to be there again and it's like entering this environment that you'd never thought you'd get to play around in. But play I did.

Then I got to go BACK to the Dexter set and watched Julia Styles film one of her kidnapped fighting scenes in Season 5 (an underrated season). I also finally had an iPhone so the picture quality was significantly more impressive.

However... When I returned to New York, I had posted an ad looking for a composer in New York city to collaborate with on a new project. Music writer, Jonathan Brenner, had responded to my ad and we met up for a drink. Sparks flew and we knew we were destined to work together. He then invited me over to his place for our 2nd meeting to meet his boyfriend, Bob. Bob turned to Jonathan and said, with concern, "You've invited a strange woman to come into our apartment? She could be a serial killer!" They laughed about it, but Jonathan's deepest fears began to appear on his sleeve. They decided to check my Instagram to make sure I was relatively normal.

Unfortunately, these were the pictures I had recently added:

Haha. They still allowed me in. Into their home and into their hearts.

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