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That time I performed with Sara Bareilles

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Two loves of my life, Will and Colin were getting married. Will and Colin met at UCLA where they attended college alongside singing sensation, Emmy award nominated, Tony award Nominated, Grammy WINNER Sara Bareilles. I met Sara two times. Once at a Holiday performance of the UCLA A Capella group Awaken and another time at a house party in Los Angeles around the same year. I'd like to say that I knew then. But I didn't. The first time I remember hearing a song of hers was in a CVS (could have been a Rite Aid), and I held my phone up to the speakers to Shazam it. "Love Song". It was bouncy, piano driven, pop, singer-song writer gold and I couldn't get it out of my head.

My love and appreciation for Sara B grew over the years and It wasn't until a few years after Love Song was released that I put 2 and 2 together (Could have been A&B) and realized Sara Bareilles was friends with Will and Colin and they all went to college together and I had met her at the show and party.

At this point of realizing my 1 degree from Sara I already had a NYC mini concert of hers under my belt and a CD uploaded into my itunes library (Little Voice). I was so connected to her music and lyrics, unlike any artist I had ever experienced before. When I came to the realization that I could potentially meet this person, I was stomach turned.

Then the day came. Colin messaged me months before his wedding and asked me if I would sing something. I was, of course, elated and honored to be asked. Then he threw in that it would be with Sara Bareilles. After coming to, I think I said 'yes'. Might have just been vomit noises. I'll have to check in with Colin on his memory of that moment.

The rehearsal was so intimate. It was in a music classroom on the UCLA campus. There were a good handful of us performing I Choose You with Sara for this special occasion. She came in with her guitar and my heart leapt into my throat. There she was. My idol. Walking towards me. Standing near me. Singing and playing guitar while I sang with her. The video footage of this rehearsal cracks me up because if you didn't know any better, I look almost bored. But I am LITERALLY DYING INSIDE.

Best moment of the day: When she could not stop laughing at my cell phone cover (Kim Kardashian Cry face)

Then the night of the wedding. I was full of nerves, anticipation and excitement. Not only was I performing with my favorite artist of all time, I was celebrating the love of these two incredible people in my life. It was truly magical.

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