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How I scared away a potential boyfriend

One time I'm at least AWARE of.

I was in my 20s, dating in New York City. There were already so many TV shows about just that. Lots of laughter, tears and... 'What have I done"s mixed with 'What was I thinking"s. I was in between critical life relationships at the time. One was the on again, off again boyfriend/friend/collaborator/lover guy that I had met during the summer of 2007 who destroyed me and celebrated me in equal measure AND a former employer who I met up with years after he fired me to... explore... sexually?

I met a young artist who was incredibly unique, witty and charming. We went on a few dates and he brought me back to his apartment after one night so I could see that he was relatively normal. His art was cool and I dug his vibe.

He shared with me an interview he had done with an online magazine and one of the questions this hopeful journalist asked him was "Tell me a story".

The artist then began telling a story about a hideous ex convict named JEM BOBBY who appeared in a small town to kill people with a machete. A Young child was able to approach him and ask him questions about what he had done and the supposed killer would answer the child honestly. When the journalist asked if it were a true story, the guy replied vaguely out of humor.

I, an artist myself, got inspired by that little interview and the next time he and I got together for another date... I played him a song I had written:

I never heard from him again.

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